Drive Thru

TIS is the UK distributor for HME Drive Thru Audio and Management Systems, installing their products across a number of Drive-Thru businesses.

Drive-Thru systems allow Companies and Franchises to maximise their profit and productivity by recording and monitoring every segment of the customers Drive-Thru experience, and presenting this information in a clear and simple to use manner.

EOS | HD Drive- Thru Headset System with HD Audio offers a remarkable 20% increase in intelligibility- the greatest advancement in sound since Digital Drive-Thru headsets.

With innovative wideband technology, TIS employ the Drive-Thru Intercom Systems to significantly improve and enhance communication between two parties.

One worldwide fast-food supplier serves over 3.8 million people a day, boosting its business and reputation amongst consumers, through this important tool in development and growth.

Showcasing advanced noise reduction, TIS’ installation of HME’s Audio and Management Systems, produces faster speed of service and superior order accuracy.

TIS is currently the UK’s approved installer for Starbucks, and has previously been involved with KFC and Burger King. Companies with a possible 50% of total capital coming from Drive-Thru facilities.

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