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The Forgotten Heroes – Food for Thought

An award winning Charity for Veterans and family support, Joint Forces Alliance (JFA) have touched many hearts within the Mansfield Community and are now reaching our to local businesses , including us here at TIS.

The JFA was conceived by Veterans, their personal experiences of finding appropriate help in their local community with problems of housing/homelessness, mental health (including PTSD, alcohol and substance abuse) was fractious and disjointed. Furthermore, anecdotal evidence and primary research found this situation prevalent in a high proportion of the serving military, ex-military, reserves and their families throughout the UK.

In January 2012, JFA Community Food Bank went into partnership with some local businesses, and is now moving forward with strength. The process operates on a referral basis, where people in need of support are referred by outside agencies such as the MANSFIELD Advice Hub and Mansfield District Council.

After listening to some shocking personal stories from several local veterans in Mansfield, TIS were eager to get involved. Introducing their ‘One a month’ campaign into the company’s head office was a sure way to kick start the support for the charity.

The idea that should each employee give just one tin or packet of food could result in over 100 items each month. With this in mind, the TIS Food Bank was alive!

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TIS is delighted with the feedback from the staff following the Food Banks introductory month and now hope that the support will continue for some of our forgotten heroes.

If you would like to speak to us abouting donating to the TIS food bank, please contact our organisers Lauren Howell or Jessica Goldsmith on 0333 8000 300 or email at

Alternatively, you can find more about the campaign & how you could help, at

24th February 2015

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