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Embrace the 3.0 Evolution with Hikvision

Open your eyes
CCTV Cameras are the eyes of your security system. They make you feel safer, give you control over your site, and allow you to react swiftly and resolutely to potential threats. But, as always, the devil is in the details. What if your CCTV cameras could actually provide these details? What if they could take you beyond the grainy, fuzzy and dark images that we see on TV all too often after a crime has been committed? What if your camera could produce crystal clear, colorful, well-lit images of the situation on site?

Not too long ago, the only way to achieve such levels of detail was to install high-resolution, IP cameras that consumed loads of disk space. As a result, the old analog systems based on PAL/NTSC standards were gradually phased out almost everywhere. At the same time, footage retention became limited to 24 hours in most places due to storage capacity shortage, crucially affecting the chance of apprehension.

Renaissance time!
We feel it is time for a Renaissance. A revival and rehabilitation of analogue technology, together with the achievements of digital tech, gives you the best of both worlds. Transcends both these worlds and shakes them up, as did the rediscoveries of the actual Renaissance to their time. Our technologies do just that today.

Goodbye to fuzziness and grain
One of these groundbreaking technologies is Turbo HD 3.0. It is the new, improved version of our very popular analog video surveillance technology.  So what has changed, you ask? Basically everything. First, the resolution of the camera: Turbo HD 3.0 technology boasts 3 and 5 megapixel cameras, offering a remarkable level of detail during the day and even at night, thanks to the new EXIR 2.0 diodes. This means we can finally say goodbye to all the fuzziness and grain.

Space is money
Until recently, a higher resolution went hand in hand with increased costs for storage space inside the DVR. Not so with our patented video codec H.264+, which saves you 50% of disk space compared to the standard H.264 codec. So start to think big; it will no longer cost you big!

Enable your cable
Thinking big applies to distances too now, thanks to our technology that enables your cable to do great things. Using a standard Coax cable, our technology radically increases the transmission distance of the signal, up to 1200m for 720p and up to 800m for 1080p. Our technology also turns the standard RG6 cable into a Power over Coax (PoC) cable that simultaneously carries power to the camera and the video signal to the DVR. Thus, this innovative technology vastly improves the ease and speed of installation since only one cable is needed per camera. So long, cable salad!

Black box?
And at the other end of that cable, meet our DVR recorder: a truly fascinating piece of work that combines the best of both worlds, analog and IP. Of course it encodes the analog signals from the cameras using H.264+ and stores them on hard drives. But it can do so much more: it offers the option of video content analyses (VCA) such as line crossing, intrusion detection or even heat mapping. It uses RAID to protect your data against HDD failure. And, most importantly, being an IP device, it can also connect with a full range of IP cameras or extract analog signals and use them in a different network video recorder (NVR). For backup or for building a huge, complex CCTV system. Truly a black box turned treasure chest!

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6th January 2017

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