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Valentine Barker Court


Housing and Care 21

Valentine Barker Court, Swaffham

Job Details:

Replacement communal and corridor emergency lighting plus suspended ceilings.

Systems Installed:

Morgan Hope lighting system plus full corridor grid suspended ceiling.

Project Manager:

Richard Amatt

The Challenge/Brief: 
To complete a full LED lighting system giving an even spread of light with microwave switching to save money and extend the life of the system. To achieve the required lux level for emergency escape under a power fail. Replace external lighting to illuminate the car park and surrounding area of the properties grounds without impacting on neighbouring properties.

Project Manager Quotation:

Richard Amatt, “We didn’t want to just install a new system but improve the general aesthetics of the whole site.The combination of new suspended ceilings and lighting system has has been well received and lighting levels are even throughout, bringing the property up to date and giving it a new bright look.”

Client Quotation:

“I have worked with TIS on a number of projects. I find them very accommodating and professional, often positively influencing our investment decision with their vast expertise across a number of solutions. I’ve worked very closely with their Sheltered Housing Installation and Refurb Manager, Richard Amatt who has a wealth of experience and skills across a wide range of systems. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Richard or any of the team at TIS.”

Richard Hall – Technical Surveyor
Housing 21

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3rd February 2017

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