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Importance Of Using A Third Party Certified Company

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order the Duty Holder, or Responsible Person, for a building is responsible to ensure that the property has suitable precautions to ensure that the safety of staff, customers and property are met. This includes ensuring that a suitably designed and installed fire alarm system is in situ and maintained in accordance with BS5839-1. But how do we ensure that the company who carries out these measures is suitably competent in the advice and work they carry out?

Third Party Certification schemes are an important and vital part of the industry, which ensures that the end client can rest assured the company that are providing these services are fully trained and competent in the services they are providing. Third Party Certification validates this competency by ensuring that the registered company not only follow the strict guidelines set out to comply with the registration scheme, but also ensures that they are complying with any Quality Management System they have in place such as ISO9001.

One such body that have developed a scheme for the fire industry is BAFE. BAFE are an independent third party certification body that have developed schemes to support quality standards within the fire industry. Fire protection companies, such as TIS, are independently certificated against the scheme by a UKAS accredited certification company which ensures any work they are completing is audited in line with the scheme.

If you require a Fire Detection and Alarm System Company, then you should ensure that the company are certificated to a third party certification scheme such as BAFE SP203-1.

BAFE SP203-1 consists of four modules which covers the full scope of BS5839-1 which is the Code of Practice for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire detection and alarm systems in non-domestic premises. A company can choose to be certificated for either a single module, such as design, or a multitude of modules so it is always wise to check on the BAFE website to ensure the company in question are actually certificated for the unit that you are asking them to comply with, TIS are one of the companies that actually have all four modules.

By ensuring that the company you are employing to carry out these services is registered with a third party certification scheme, is piece of mind that you will receive a quality of service and professional services from experts in the field of Fire Detection and Alarm Services.

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27th March 2017

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