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TIS Secure Partnership with University of Manchester and Simons Voss

As one of the top 5 Simons Voss suppliers in the country for the past 8 Years, TIS were selected by the University of Manchester to supply, install and maintain the Simons Voss equipment used by the University.

As part of their ongoing maintenance contract, TIS also provide assistance to the University and consultants with the future design of systems for new build or refurbishment projects.

To date, over 400 additional doors have been added to the Virtual network solution providing the University with secure Plant Room and Roof Access.



With over 75 buildings, Manchester University is arguably the largest site University Campus in the UK and as such presents a major problem controlling access to restricted and hazardous working areas. Roof Access, Lift Motor Rooms, Electrical Switch Rooms, Boiler Rooms and many other restricted areas which were controlled via mechanical keys and suites was a constant challenge and virtually impossible to control. The cost to install a conventional Access Control solution was impractical and cost prohibitive due to the nature and location of many of the areas and buildings.


Simons-Voss Wireless Digital Locking system was the perfect solution. All locks simply replaced with the choice of either a programmable wireless Digital Cylinder, Digital Smart Handle or a Digital Smart Relay. All the Access data is programmed daily via a Terminal in each building on to new or existing University Access Cards which in turn gives controlled Access to individual users. Cost is kept to a minimum with all doors “off-Line” i.e. not requiring expensive networking, and still offering the added features of an Audit Trail and Time Zone control at every door. A revolution compared to the previous mechanical key solution.

TIS were brought in to continue the roll out of the system across the campus and ensure all high-risk areas were secured accordingly. This was controlled by their Project Manager, along with a dedicated engineer based onsite daily over a period of 9 months. By doing this they were able to successfully install devices, attend to service faults and offer Operator training to University staff thus ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction was delivered at a fast response rate for complete client care.

This Locking and Access Control concept of replacing Mechanical Keys and Locks with intelligent wireless products from SimonsVoss is now a fully adopted Campus Wide solution at Manchester University. With a range of  solutions including Digital Smart Handles, Cylinders and Smart Relays to control Electronic operated doors and lifts. A single Card can have access to any combination of over 700 doors across the Campus buildings managed via a single Database and on line system administrators.

The Simons Voss system provides several solutions to ensure the client’s requirements are met and all with a cost-effective solution:

  • Wireless Locking and Access Control replacing Mechanical Keys and Locks
  • Removes the need for Mechanical Master Suites
  • Includes conventional Access Control Readers
  • Card or Transponder operation
  • Simple Installation
  • Wireless Virtual Networking
  • Central database with Multiple User access
  • Battery operated Locks with 10 year Standby.
  • Multiple Applications including Padlocks/Gates/Barriers
  • High Quality Engineering
  • Made in Germany
  • UK Office and Technical Support

Dale Gregory, Head of Technical for TIS said, “Working with the University of Manchester has been a pleasure. The project management team have a great understanding of the Simons Voss system and clear goals of achieving the highest security possible in the key areas of the campus.”

Already having successful installations within the University of Leeds, TIS will continue to promote the success of the Simons-Voss Wireless Digital Locking system across the market.

For more information about Simons Voss or any of our other Partners please visit our Partners Page

3rd April 2017

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