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The Results Are In… Our First NPS Survey Reveals Score Of 43

At TIS we value service and are determined to provide an exceptional experience for our customers – one way for us to do so is to measure what our customers think of us right now with NPS (Net Promoter Score).

We’ve just completed our first survey and scored 43… so not a bad start (to put it into context, with scores ranging from -100 to 100, 50 or more is considered exceptional)! There is work to do and thank you to everyone that took part and gave us your feedback.

Thank you especially to all of the positive responses we received!

An impressive 57% of you would recommend TIS to a friend (a score of 9 or 10 out of 10) – this is something which we are very proud of.

When we asked ‘what changes should we make to improve our service’, we got some fantastic responses – here is a selection:

“Nothing, they have a ten as they went the extra mile for the most recent job they have done.”

“As companies go, it’s hard to find a company that ticks all the boxes and therefor I have given them the highest score I can.”

“Nothing we have very good service and our site contact is very attentive to all our needs.”

“Continue the way you have in the last 2 years you have become a very reliable, innovative and highly motivated System Integrator who looks after their clients.”

We’ll be running the survey again in due course, and until then we will be striving to continue to improve our service.

14th September 2017

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