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Do you know when your fire alarm was last tested?

Retention of Fire Safety Information

Under article 17 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order it is a requirement for the responsible person to ensure your fire alarm system is fully serviced and in efficient working order in accordance with BS5839-1.  Your obligations are clear but its more difficult to prove and ensure they are met.  The enforcing authority can enter your premises at any time and request a review of these records, if you can’t produce them you could be in serious trouble.


Every year the Fire and Rescue Services issue hundreds of prohibition notices which informs the responsible person of the actions required to satisfy the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order.  Failing to comply with one of these notices is a criminal offence which could lead to prosecution and carries a sentence of up to 2 years imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine, recently we have seen fines in excess of £400,000.00 be applied to offenders.

How do we record this information?

In the past you relied on checking through numerous service/maintenance reports and ensuring that the paper log book was completed after every weekly test, annual inspection or false alarm, this could be a very lengthy process and undoubtedly some information would always be missing.  Under the latest revision of BS5839-1 electronic forms of the log book are now accepted if they are accessible by all interested parties.

This change is now being addressed by fire system manufacturers all looking at how we can obtain this information, but this is generally specific to their control panels protocols.   However, our solution is multi-protocol allowing one platform to serve a multitude of different manufacturers equipment.

By installing our cloud-based alarm management solution you have access to all this information from any web enabled device ensuring that should this information be requested it is readily available.

Apps to assist with compliance

In addition to retaining this important information we also have a suite of mobile apps to make meeting your obligations even easier.  Our weekly test app will send you a notification reminding you that you need to test your fire alarm and which point should be tested, it runs through the process including reminding you to put your alarm system on test and inform everyone in the building that the test is to be carried out.  Once the device is tested its test is recorded on the database so that proof of the testing is available.

Our notify app informs you that the system has been activated and which device has activated, this works via GSM so even if you aren’t onsite you will know exactly which device has activated and can make the necessary arrangements.

Verification of alarm 

Its becoming more common now that the FaRS are less likely to attend to a business premises on just a call from an ARC and they may insist on verification from another source, we can help you with this as well.  Our cloud based alarm management solution can send a verification email when 2 or more devices have activated, which is highly unlikely to be a false alarm, and by using our ARC they already utilise this method of verification with the local FaRS as a means of alarm verification.

20th July 2018

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