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Why we're choosing Teenage Cancer Trust as our new Charity Partner

On 2nd May we received the incredibly sad and devastating news that our beloved colleague Lisa had lost her battle with cancer.  The impact of this news to her friends at work was and still is worse than mere words can describe.  We had lost our bright, loving, caring, endearingly cheeky Lisa.  Losing anyone to cancer is never ever anything but horrendous but what makes it even worse for anyone that knew Lisa is that she was only 25 years old.  She had so much of her life to still look forward to if this unspeakably evil disease hadn’t taken her…

In loving memory of Lisa we will be changing our charity partners immediately to the Teenage Cancer Trust.  This was the choice of Lisa’s closest family and we fully support their wishes.

Whilst we can no longer do anything for our beloved lost friend, we can raise as much money as possible for a cause that her and her family truly believe in.  That is our absolute honour and privilege.

We raised £230 recently from our senior management charity car wash and that will start the ball rolling.

We re launching this charity announcement with our main event of 2019 and that is the Classic Tough Mudder Challenge in the North West. On Saturday 7th September our team of 12 will be taking on the 10 mile course with 25 obstacles in a bid to raise as much as we can for our new charity partner. If you would like to support us you can donate here:

17th June 2019

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