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Access Control Maintenance

Total Integrated Solutions Ltd carry out servicing of Access Control Systems in accordance with the National Security Inspectorate NCP 109 code of practice.

As per the NCP 109 Code of practice TIS are approved by a NACOS Gold certification scheme.  This ensures that you,  our client, can be assured of the quality of product that we design, supply, install, commission, service and maintain is in accordance with current regulations and standards.

In accordance with clause of NCP109 During each preventative maintenance visit, inspection of the following, with all necessary tests, and those rectifications which are practical at the time, will be carried out:

(a) the installation, location and siting of all equipment and devices against the as-fitted document

(b) the satisfactory operation of all equipment;

(c) all flexible connections;

(d) the normal and standby power supplies, for correct functioning;

(e) the control equipment;

(f) the operation of any warning device in the system.

In Accordance with clause 4.2 an as-fitted document will be generated at installation and may include previous information from the system design specification, as well as that required by 5.3 of Part 1. TIS will keep this document up to date and the document will be available to our maintenance technician for each maintenance visit.

In Accordance with clause 4.3 TIS will keep a historical record with the date of every visit, any faults found, and the action taken. Details of every fault reported to you must be included, together with details of any action taken, and, if known, the cause.

TIS will keep this information for at least 2 years after the last event to which it refers.

In accordance with clause 4.6 TIS will keep a record of any temporary disconnection of the system or of any component part(s) of it. This must identify which part(s) of the system and the associated equipment is not operable. TIS must give the reason for the disconnection and the date and time of disconnection and of subsequent reconnection. TIS must obtain a signed authorization for each disconnection from the customer or their representative.

TIS will keep this authorization for at least 3 months after reconnection.

Responsibilities of the Client

The user should record appropriate details regarding any fault that occurs with the Access control system. The information recorded should include the following: – date and time; identity and location of the equipment and name of person recording the information.

The Full NCP109 Code of Practice can be found here: NSI Access Control Code of Practice 109


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