Auto Doors

Our responsibilities to you
Maintenance of Automatic Doors

Total Integrated Solutions Ltd will service your Automatic Doors in accordance with BSEN 16005:2012 (which superseded BS7036 in 2013).

To ensure the safe operation, long term reliability and working efficiency of a power operator pedestrian door set (including protective devices and safety systems) they must be regularly maintained according to the manufacturer’s specification. They will also detail frequency of maintenance to be carried out.

The standard recommended frequency for servicing automatic doors is at least once a year and for high traffic doors twice a year. Frequency of visit are tailored to suit your needs, usage and the requirements for your equipment.

All TIS technicians are authorised under the ADSA (Automatic Door Suppliers Association) scheme and carry an industry ID card to show they have successfully completed the Automatic Door Suppliers Association competency exam.

As part of the maintenance we will carry out the following:

1. System Test
(a) Repeated system faults or activations to be identified and reported to client.
(b) 100% of automatic detection, remote indicators and safety sensors are tested for correct operation.
(c) Visual inspection of detection devices.
(d) Visual inspection of control panel and checks for functionality and correct operation.
(e) Sample system voltage readings are carried out.

2. Power Supplies and Emergency Back Up Systems
(a) Power supply units checked for operation following supply failure.
(b) Back up batteries tested and inspected if applicable.

3. General
(a) Visual inspection of equipment and devices.
(b) Visual review of structural changes to the building or changes to the use of areas covered.
(c) Cleaning, full inspection and testing to BSEN16005
(d) Grease springs/motors
(e) Visual inspection of pivots, transom closers, top centres or equivalent for leaking oil and condition
(f) Check doorway for any defects
(g) Comprehensive report (including asset list, detailing system status and any recommendations).
(h) Review of log book and documentation.