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Aurora Centre

TIS were employed to install perimeter detection CCTV after a recent spate of vandalism at the site.

To meet the challenge TIS had to install the first Darkfighter X from Hik vision to handle the poor lighting conditions.

The Aurora Wellbeing Centre in Worksop is a charity which aims is to help and support survivorship to local people with a cancer diagnosis. They give advice at any stage of their cancer journey including their families and carers.

They receive no grants and are entirely reliant on fundraising events to continue to support patients and their families.  Their Wellbeing Centre is located in a local park in Worksop and in the past the building has been subjected to vandalism especially late at night.

After discussion with the Aurora committee and Bassetlaw District Council we believe that improving the CCTV of the building and the surrounding area would benefit user of the centre and Park as a whole.

Bassetlaw District Council contacted TIS for their expertise and guidance for the project especially as the building itself being Grade 2 listed. TIS carried out a specialist survey on the best solution to commission and upgrade the CCTV provision. The report looked to provide new CCTV cameras and linkages to the exterior with specific brackets designed to suit the grade 2 building.

TIS continued support with Bassetlaw District Council helped The Aurora Centre gain significant funding for the project from external sources, the work was finally commissioned with TIS  who carried out the works with dedication while completing the project within the allocated time. Since the works had finished we have seen more people encouraged using the park and the footfall into Aurora centre has increased given reassurance to visitors and users regarding their safety and personal security.

Project Manager Quotation:

“Site surveys had to be carried out to ascertain the exact locations that we could mount the cameras at to gain maximum coverage. The team had to manufacture some free standing brackets at the eleventh hour so as not to damage or drill any of the roof.”

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