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Bassetlaw District Council

Through a process of competitive tender, we were awarded the contract to design, supply, install, commission, service and maintain a complete NCP104 Compliant Public Space CCTV Surveillance system utilising latest IP camera and transmission technology.

The main scope of the contract was to upgrade the existing analogue recording system to a full IP based solution and one which would consolidate the diverse existing technologies employed at the Bassetlaw control room.

The District of Bassetlaw is situated in Nottinghamshire and borders with South Yorkshire to the north, Lincolnshire’s Fens and Wolds to the east and Derbyshire with the spectacular Peak District to the west. It boasts thousands of acres of rolling countryside, parkland and ancient woodlands, including Clumber Park, the most popular visitor attraction in North Nottinghamshire.

Woodlands, charming villages and the Dukeries estates are among Bassetlaw’s other attractions. With the world famous Sherwood Forest on the doorstep there is something for everyone in this historic, semi-rural district. The ancient market towns of Worksop and Retford are home to nearly 60% of the district’s population with the remainder of residents living in the 73 villages which are served by 45 parish councils and 10 parish meetings.

Rural communities range from small market towns and former mining communities, to very small hamlets. Bassetlaw is classified as a Rural 50 district, which indicates that between 50-80% of the population lives in rural areas. Wards with the largest number of rural households include Harworth, Carlton, Tuxford and Trent, Langold, Misterton and Blyth. The district also provides good business opportunities with industrial units of all sizes available across the District. These are ideal for businesses needing nationwide distribution and several household names like Wilkinsons, B&Q and Oxo either have head offices, major distribution centres or factories in the district.

Key to our success in this project was our understanding of open space CCTV in full operation on a daily basis with a high level of public traffic on site. Our extensive portfolio of successful installation, service and maintenance programmes with other clients including The University of Leeds and The Theatre Royal in Nottingham is testament to our experience.

Over the years legislation has evolved and additional factors have been incorporated into the services we offer. We carefully consider our clients privacy, security and safety at all times. Incorporating such changes in legislation ensures that systems are fully compliant at time of installation and through the continued application of legislative changes we ensure our clients continue to meet British Standards during service and maintenance. The proposed system not only met NCP 104, but also met the conditions outlined in BS7958:201 for the management and operation of CCTV, and the Data Protection Act 2018 (General Data Protection Regulation) for the recording and monitoring of images.

The main control room is located in Worksop, Nottinghamshire and the CCTV covers the town centres, train stations and car parks of Worksop and Retford, along with the outlying areas of Harworth, Tuxford, Carlton Forest and Manton. Through our service and maintenance contract we cover the public space CCTV cameras as detailed below along with the CCTV system control/monitoring and recording equipment, air conditioning and emergency UPS back-up systems:

  • 59 Worksop Town Centre and surrounding areas
  • 29 Manton & surrounding area
  • 26 Retford Town Centre surrounding area
  • 2 Tuxford Centre
  • 4 Harworth Centre
  • 8 Carlton Forest

We see the relationship with the Council as more than a traditional client/supplier relationship, we have worked closely with them to ensure we fully understand their longer term vision and requirements. By taking this partnership, mutual understanding approach we have been able to better develop technical solutions that are not just fit for purpose for the next 5 years, but support their wider objectives for over the next decade.

Supporting Bassetlaw District Council with the new CCTV system, we requested bespoke partnership pricing from our manufacturers and suppliers, to meet budgetary constraints while continuing to add value through high quality installation, service and maintenance, led by dedicated account support from our Head Office.

TIS proactively support the Council on training and technical support, as well as keeping them abreast of market changes and developments. We have remained flexible and adaptable to ensure the seamless transition and support of ongoing operation of systems, minimising disruption to what is an important, high risk to reputation service.

Part of the contract included the merging of numerous protocols employed within the camera specifications and transmission paths, to an open (ONVIF-S) forum, to fully future proof the system.


One technical challenge was to communicate through the many existing means of transmission including, fibre optic cabling, wireless, SIM operated and hardwired cameras to an open protocol and manageable system. Working with the Council we have ensured that the solution is bespoke, using a variety of interventions that are site specific, whilst ensuring that the number of equipment types are kept to a minimum to better support ongoing maintenance.

In this instance TIS engaged with integration specialists, and long term supply chain partner Meyertech, to assist in achieving this technically challenging task. This included the installation of a full IP upgrade to the monitor wall drivers and replacement of the existing displays with nine 27/7 control room standard large screen HDMI monitors. The new integration software from Meyertech allowed the receipt and monitoring of third party alarms. We managed the relationship with all 3rd parties to ensure the Council had a single point of contact.

The key integration platform was Meyertech’s fourth generation FUSION-Eclipse VMS which offered the functionality required for the system. FUSION-Eclipse provides control of all elements of the system from intuitive and easy to use PC based workstations with the hardware being supplied direct by TIS.

The FUSION-Eclipse system provided seamless integration within the Veracity (Bassetlaw District Council’s CCTV Control Room) and Hikvision (Carlton Forest, Worksop Bus amongst others) recording systems which allows operators instant access to the recorded footage from their workstations. This also provided a view of the recordings directly alongside the live images on the digital spot monitors, with full instant review and search facilities.

As an integral part of the specification, we were required to conduct further HD upgrades to various sites both in Worksop and in outlying areas.

In Harworth we installed a small 4 camera system complete with digital wireless transmission network. The video and data from these cameras was transmitted to a local collection point at the Police Station where we installed a 12 meter CCTV column. TIS also installed and commissioned 3 PTZ IP Predator cameras with white lights along with associated wireless transmission kit to King’s Park in Retford, Nottinghamshire.

An essential part of the performance specification required the design and installation of the infrastructure to enable IP loudspeakers to be installed at all camera locations. We had previously installed and maintained many such systems in a variety of similar environments, bringing together a diverse range of technologies such as wireless transmission, fibre optic cabling, media conversion to existing copper transmission technologies, complex network design and network monitoring, so we were confident in meeting the requirements of the Council.

Bassetlaw District Council, have been pleased with this level of proven expertise and our ability to offer a flexible and innovative turn-key solution for the project and we were able to repay the Council for the confidence they has shown in TIS.

To ensure that ongoing support is of top quality, TIS engineers have each achieved certified training with Meyertech so that equipment and overall system performance and operating life expectancy is maintained and maximised at all times, along with ensuring that any downtime is kept to a minimum. We understand that a programme of continuing training for all of our front-line engineers and apprentices is essential to meet the ever changing and challenging face of an industry that is driven by technology and customer demands.

To ensure compliance with the terms of the installation contract and ongoing support agreement, it was recognised by TIS at tender stage that a dedicated and professional contract team would need to be in place to meet the exacting requirements of Bassetlaw Council. Our proposition exceeded the client’s expectation.

Our approach is methodical and we identified a detailed programme of works with consideration of Bassetlaw District Council detailed events calendars. Completing works during core operational hours meant working onsite while ensuring continued access for members of the public and council employees.

Ongoing Service and Maintenance

Our reactive service package provides remote access ‘dial in’ support and a service level response of 4 hours emergency attendance with a guaranteed 5 day equipment repair response and is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our planned maintenance package allows for 1 visit per annum where an exhaustive test/check procedure is conducted and fully documented. Visits are conducted as per legislation however, both packages can be bespoke to our customers depending on their needs.

Annually our Key account manager will conduct a reassessment of Risks on Site, produces detailed method statements and risk assessments to highlight and identify the main risks, while proposing mitigation methods to reduce the identified risks. At point of award we visited the sites and reviewed our initial assessments of the sites, including for any additional factors highlighted by the Partnership Manager, these were submitted to Bassetlaw District Council for review and approval.

In addition to conducting an annual risk review with Bassetlaw District Council, our Key Account Manager continually monitors and maintains the Health and Safety of the site through the repeated application of risk assessments at every maintenance visit and during reactive service requests, our engineers ensure these are held within our secure service and maintenance database – Tesseract™.

During reactive service visits and pre-planned preventative maintenance visits our engineers will ensure that all access routes are clear, or if obstructed that appropriate measures will be put in place to provide security such as barriers and hi-visibility tape and they will ensure that alternative routes and appropriate signage are clearly displayed in well-lit areas.

Our health and safety ethos has been and always will be that a tidy site is a safe site, with everyone working to this including we have developed a faultless record of safety with our clients.

TIS are dedicated to providing the very best service and quality to their client and this diligent approach has enabled our partnership to flourish since 2013, expanding the systems to additional zones, farms and community leisure facilities including parks and sports grounds. Moving forward into 2019 in partnership with Bassetlaw District Council our service and maintenance contract continues unbroken due to the high quality services we offer.

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