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QEC Aircraft Carrier

QEC Mission System

The provision of Visual Surveillance System Equipment to the Aircraft Carrier Alliance (ACA)

The 65,000-tonne HMS Queen Elizabeth weighs the equivalent of 10,236 African elephants and is longer than the Houses of Parliament at 280 meters long. TIS were successful in their tender negotiations and were awarded the contract in 2011 by the ACA through BAE Systems Integrated Technologies Limited to Provide Visual Surveillance System Equipment for the largest warship ever built in the UK, HMS Queen Elizabeth and her sister Ship HMS Prince of Wales.

The UK Aircraft Carrier Programme is delivered through a co-operative relationship between Client and Industrial Partners formed and designed for the express purpose of delivering the project. This organisation comprising of the UK Ministry of Defence, BAE Systems, Babcock Marine and Thales (UK) is known as the Aircraft Carrier Alliance (ACA).

The QEC project constitutes the largest and most important naval shipbuilding project seen in the UK for many years. To ensure that the project was delivered on time, TIS had to overcome challenging budgets and timescales and respond in a positive way and drive out unnecessary costs and expenses.

This has been an extremely exciting project for TIS and has been vital for ensuring continued success in the shipbuilding industry and its supply chain, helping to deliver the nations flagship.

Whilst the first of the aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth is now in service, HMS Prince of Wales is still under construction with plans for active service from 2020.  TIS continue to support BAE Systems with the requirements of the nation’s flagships.

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