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Starbucks Coffee

New drive thru audio and timer system at Starbucks Coffee Company.

In January 2008 TIS installed the very first drive thru system for Starbucks Coffee Company which, while still a concept, became a great success with customers being able to get a great cup of coffee wherever they are. In 2012 Starbucks announced that it would build on its concept of Drive Thru coffee outlets and the growing success in the market place.

Since this announcement TIS have had the pleasure of installing a further 8 Drive Thru stores, including one in Germany and one in Turkey, and have now received an order for the latest Manchester Airport drive thru store.

TIS have worked with Starbucks to produce a standard specification for its Drive Thru stores and been involved in consultation on how we could provide improvements to its operation.

Since the original concept we now include a drive thru management system that provides the management team with speed of service information so they can tailor their staffing levels to meet customer demands.

Over the last 7 years the Drive Thru equipment has improved with digital high definition audio equipment, now becoming standard on the HME products, which has now been approved and installed as standard in the Starbucks Coffee Company stores.

Jake Williams, Essential Projects Manager has a close working relationship with the Starbucks Project Manager therefore enabling a successful partnership. He commented “It is an honour to work with such a recognisable brand and we are proud to have been able to maintain the high standard of drive thru systems throughout many stores.”

Here at TIS we look forward to helping develop further stores in the future and being a part of Starbucks ever expanding success in both the UK and European market.

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