Coronavirus Outbreak – Our Operation and Response
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Tennis Centre

TIS were initially asked to attend site due to failures with the current CCTV system.

The failures were causing areas of vulnerability across high value equipment and meant that public safety was at risk.

Following a site survey, it was quickly identified that the current set up of the system was unsuitable for the CCTV operators.  The image quality of the cameras was very poor and largely unusable.

Our approach was to offer a scalable solution that was within the Tennis Centre’s budget, whilst also addressing the immediate issue of the failing elements of the system.  We were also able to offer additions for perimeter protection.

Phase 1 –System upgrade of the recording units and review suite whilst also replacing the site critical cameras with HD PTZ cameras with PIR detection.  This ensured that the external storage units were captured with High Quality CCTV images.  We enabled the system for IP for HD PTZ cameras with smart features and technology for the CCTV to be utilised at nightfall.

Phase 2 – Upgrade of the remaining cameras to provide a HD system across all areas of coverage.

Phase 3 – Supply and install extra CCTV cameras in areas which required additional coverage such as the Café and Gymnasium.  As phase 1 enabled the system for IP, this meant we were able to install smart cameras at 4MP.

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