Anchor Trust

Anchor Trust

Client: Anchor Trust



St Francis Court

224 Hollow Way





Guardian Court

Langtons Meadow

Farnham Common




Douglas Veale House

Trafford Road





Welland Mews,

Water Street,





Guardian Court





Job Details:

To design, supply, install and commission a complete Door Entry, Warden Call and Access Control Systems at the above sites.

Start Date: May 2018                     End Date: Jan 2019


Project Particulars:

We were awarded through a process of competitive tender the contract to design, supply, install and commission a combined warden call and or door entry system at 5 retirement living residential locations on behalf of the Anchor Housing Trust.

Anchor Housing Trust started life in 1968 as Help the Aged (Oxford) Housing Association. They have been innovating and raising standards so our ever growing mature generation get the best out of life ever since. Anchor opened their multi award-winning Denham Garden Village Retirement living complex in 2004, and since then have taken a keen interest in investment with their existing portfolio of residential properties, aiming to exceed their clients expectations in everything they do, succeeding with the award of the coveted AA Rosette for excellence in catering at their Redwood Bistro in Bishopstoke Park – the first ever Retirement village to receive such a prized award.

Working closely in partnership with the Quantity Surveyors, listening to their needs, consulting with them during site visits and throughout the tender process via clarifications we were able to fully understand their needs, aims and objectives. Supporting Anchor in partnership meant working carefully and considerately to incorporate the new systems, while respecting the elderly and vulnerable clients on site.

Key to our success in this project was our understanding of retirement and residential care settings, our safeguarding policy, close adherence to British Standards and the development of a robust and carefully planned schedule of works which was discussed and developed with the residents of each site.

Health and safety is as always of paramount importance and ensuring that asbestos containing materials were not disturbed, was a key requirement for client and their residents. Our engineering teams receive specialist training to allow works to continue with no disruption.

We prepared construction phase plans, detailed method statements and risk assessments for each of the 5 sites, met with the residents, family members and employees of Anchor at each location to ensure that all health and safety risks and concerns were addressed prior to commencement of works on site, these were submitted to Anchor for review and approval.

Anchor had a strict project timescale to work to and required TIS to submit a full construction phase plan to ensure continuity of project safety across all 5 sites. We continually monitored and maintained the Health and Safety of the site through risk assessments, method statements and common sense practice. TIS ensured that all egress routes were clear, or if obstructed that appropriate measures were put in place to offer alternative routes, and appropriate signage was clearly displayed in well-lit areas.

The works were carefully programmed by our qualified Project Manager, Simon, who met regularly with the client to ensure that the project was kept on schedule, and where possible accelerated through careful application of resources, and where needed supported Anchor to add value to their contract through variations to the works which were more cost effective and provided a more resilient system for the residents in the long term. Working closely with the Court Managers and care team members at each location, we ensured that all on site received appropriate training in the use of the new system once fully installed and commissioned. Now in the 52 week defect period, we are continuing to support Anchor with requests and requirements, when and where needed.

TIS sought project pricing to assist the Anchor in reducing their overall contract costs, we supported them to meet budgetary constraints while continuing to add value through high quality installation, and account support from our Head Office. Regular contract meetings were held with key stakeholders, court managers, residents and project managers to ensure excellent customer service levels were received by all, with a particular consideration for older and more vulnerable clients at each location.

TIS always work in a safe manner and believe that a tidy site is a safe site, this motto has earned us a faultless record of safety with Anchor on all 5 sites and many other competitive tender awards have been received as a result of our flawless track record. TIS are dedicated to providing the very best service and quality to their client and this diligent approach has enabled the partnership to flourish and pay dividends for both parties.