Astute Class Noav

Astute Class Noav

BAE Systems awarded the competitive contract to TIS for the design, manufacture and set to work for the Non Operational Audio and Video System (NOAV) to provide crew entertainment facilities on board Astute Class submarines, when at sea and in the harbour.

TIS are the delegated design authority and responsible for the NOAV system design, design qualification, development, documentation, manufacture, pre installation testing (FAT), support and supply

Crew entertainment is provided through the use of stand alone audio and video equipment, located in designated areas around the boat that include:

NOAV TV / Video Requirement

NOAV Radio Reception / Audio System Requirement

In addition to the above, TIS designed and manufactured the NOAV System Pantenna Amplifier, capable of the distribution of received radio and TV RF signal feeds, to all designated recreational areas. The unit will compromise an RF muting module to mute / blank off-air audio and video during ships main broadcast.