Audley Inglewood Retirement Village

Audley Inglewood Retirement Village


Audley Retirement Villages


Kintbury, Berkshire

Job Details:

Installation of Fibre, CCTV and Data.

Project Manager:

Craig Beastall


Systems Installed:

Fibre, CCTV and Data

The Challenge/Brief:

Audley Inglewood is nestled in 39 acres, one mile from Kintbury, near Hungerford in Berkshire.  At its centre is Inglewood House, an imposing manor house that has been rebuilt and returned to its former glory.

Having worked alongside Audley Retirement now for a number of years we were the ideal choice when it came to the installation of a new fibre backbone.  The fibre will serve the new ground source heat pump network and future proofs the latest phase of their development.  We also installed additional IP CCTV serving both the main entrance and rear barrier along with connection of the intercom system.  Additional data points were also fitted in the gym allowing connectivity of new equipment.

Project Manager Quotation:

“Working alongside Audley is always a pleasure and the opportunity to work in such beautiful surroundings is always welcomed.”


Inglewood interior          inglewood pool