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Thane Road West, Nottingham, NG2 3AA

Project Manager:

Nick Hollins

Systems Installed:


Job Details:

In March 2011, the Boots site was awarded Enterprise Zone status by the UK Government. Enterprise Zones are designated areas with incentives to encourage the creation of new businesses, which will contribute to the growth of local and national economies.

The Nottingham Enterprise Zone is comprised of part of the Boots site and three other smaller sites – the Beeston Business Park, the Nottingham Science Park and the MediPark site (at Queens Medical Centre) which together make up 286 acres (116 hectares). MediPark provides a stimulating and supportive Business Development Environment for innovators in consumer healthcare, medical technology, diagnostics, and beauty products. It offers the ideal environment for both start-up and established companies to grow and achieve success. MediCity is also a unique venue for conferences and events of eventually up to 1,000 delegates focused on health, beauty and wellbeing. MediPark provides laboratory and office facilities, access to high-end equipment, shared services, training, business support and access to investment.

The vision for the site is to create a UK centre for innovation in health beauty and wellbeing in Nottingham. The site will offer a cost effective, high quality, centrally located site for health and wellbeing businesses such as business incubators, start-ups and small and medium enterprises. As well as existing buildings suitable for redevelopment, the site also includes around 100 acres (40 hectares) of brownfield land suitable for development.

Boots therefore require strict control regarding site access, and TIS were awarded the contract to supply, install, commission, service and maintain a complete ANPR CCTV system including Access Control Barriers, to allow entry and exit of both public and site selected user groups to each hub.

The Challenge/Brief:

Boots initial brief was that the system was required to ensure that all (approx. 15,000) employees, site operatives and enterprise zone commuters were complying with the local government directive to pay a parking levy of £2 per vehicle per day. Authorised users had to provide the details of their vehicle, including registration, make, model, etc in order to be granted access via the ANPR database. If the vehicle wasn’t registered the ANPR system would automatically deny access to site and the non-registered vehicle would be required to call Site Security via an intercom unit.

Vehicles registered on the system would be granted automatic entry within 1 second of an ANPR read. The system would then provide a print out of vehicles and owners required to pay the parking levy, including full dates and times as required. Boots were then able to charge site access accordingly and the information if requested by the Local Government could be verified by Data Challenge of the ANPR system.

TIS proposed Intelico ANPR Solutions as this would link from Boots Beeston to the Enterprise Zone, additionally the proposed system planned for future expansion without the requirement for a complete system upgrade, or independently operated systems for each Enterprise Unit.

Intelico systems have successfully been integrated in other similar settings including Heathrow Airport, with 5 car parks and a bespoke centralised car parking control room application for APCOA integrating over 800 devices such as intercoms, barriers, ANPR and CCTV, handling over 40 million vehicles per year.

Intelico was an innovative move for TIS to propose to Boots as the technology was tried and tested as highly versatile and robust and could more than cope with such high demands at Heathrow Airport. Boots sites required the system to cope with over 15000 vehicles with a high recognition rate of 97% – this has been documented as achieved and exceeded. Other systems were considered but none were as technologically advance as Intelico and no others could boast integration in high traffic environments on the scale of international airports, or the options to extend and enhance the system in so many ways, including remote software upgrade, service and repair.

Project management was key to the success of this installation. Our Key Account Manager Mr Nick Hollins led on all project management and was dedicated to ensuring the solution was the correct one for the needs of his client. Nick managed the design, supply, installation, commissioning, training and hand over of the system.  Nick built his team of Field Engineers through careful consideration of their skills, qualifications and working knowledge of systems involved. Nick selected a highly qualified Project Manager Mr Mark Wigginton, to support the project and ensure its continued smooth running.

Nick and Mark communicated effectively face to face, through use of company mobile phones, email and SMS; together they appointed a Project Support Co-Ordinator Ms Laura Smith, to ensure that all appropriate paperwork was compliant with company standards and quality management operational procedures. Ms Smith provided key office support and ensured that all associated paperwork was submitted to the Boots Contract Administrator for approval/review on time. Nick, Mark and Laura worked closely with the Engineer Manager to ensure that the correct Field Engineers were assigned and scheduled for site access at the appropriate time.

Meticulous planning and scheduling took place prior to commencement on site, to agree appropriate timescales, site working hours, levels of access to high risk areas such as HGV Distribution Hubs and restricted zones. Meetings were organised on a weekly basis with the client during the installation phase to ensure that any issues Boots or TIS had could be raised and resolved.  A schedule of works was drawn up to plan and track the progress of the project. Key milestones were identified such as the completion date for installation of the Intelico ANPR system, completion dates for Barrier installation in each zone, commissioning dates, trial pre-live testing was scheduled in, IT system install, testing and review were all planned long in advance.

Nick worked closely with Intelico to ensure the smooth running of the system at point of hand over; O&M manuals were produced and provided to Boots at point of handover; all site security operatives were fully trained in the use of both the Intelico ANPR system and remote/manual barrier operation.

Training was provided for the event of system failure, to ensure that continuity of service was maintained until TIS engineer could attend within the specified 2 hour emergency response times. Provision of on-site engineer support was made for the first 2 months post installation to assist and support newly trained operatives. Intelico remote assistance was scheduled for the ANPR system, and training was given to support the entry of new vehicle details onto the pre-built database.

Health and Safety was a Key consideration during the project as working on live sites with over 7000 vehicles including HGV’s requiring access 24/7 raised several concerns. Working in high traffic areas meant that regular RAMs had to be completed and submitted to ensure the continued safety of all Engineers involved (for an example of RAMS see enclosed Appendix E – TIS005).

All Field Engineers and Commissioning Engineers received full site inductions prior to commencement of works; which included key health and safety considerations to be aware of, emergency information, contact details of Site Security, locations of evacuations points and the location of the site registration office.

Daily site safety meetings were held, these were used to facilitate relevant Toolbox Talks and for Field Engineers to raise concerns, and discuss progress of installation, or to raise needed changes to the schedule of works. Our external Health and Safety Consultant was called upon to risk assess the site and review any areas of concern found during impromptu site visits throughout the duration of the project.

Project Manager Quotation:

“In this instance, Boots UK was looking to manage multiple barriers and entrances using ANPR cameras to authorise vehicle entry with barriers in a fast and efficient way. By using Intelico’ ANPR solution they have the advantage of intuitive

operation and open architecture, while overall Boots have benefitted from a cost effective solution which has scalability for further site innovations

“The set up means that the control room can move forward from simply a site protection control room to managing authorised entry to site from a central location. The Intellco software was selected as TIS are vendor neutral, meaning that it can integrate into any system regardless of manufacturer.”