Boots Head office, Thane Road West, Nottingham, NG90 1BS

Project Manager:

Marc Jago




Systems Installed:

2 No. BFT Ultra Maxima Barriers

Job Details:

TIS were commissioned to Supply, Install and Commission 2 No. Replacement BFT Barriers.

The Challenge/Brief:

Like Total Integrated Solutions Boots is another locally established company and has been trading since 1849 (a mere 102 years before TIS were incorporated!).

Boots has a large distribution site in Lenton, Nottingham and TIS has been a service provider for that site for a number of years carrying out installation, service and maintenance on a number of systems.

At the Harrimans Lane Entrance to the site the current barriers had become obsolete and, following an increase in service calls and downtime on site, our Auto Doors division suggested that the time had come to upgrade the Barriers.  The Barriers we recommended and installed are the BFT Ultra Maxima 35’s which are designed and developed to operate in a wide variety of conditions such as large car parks and motorway tollgates.

The new barriers will now allow the staff located within Boots Security Office to operate the barriers via a deadmans switch and will enable them to monitor traffic management and ease traffic flow which as you will see from the image below of the enormous site is a huge task in itself.

The Barriers are commissioned inline with the machinery 2006/42/EC.

Project Manager Quotation:

“Boots are a fantastic company to work with and are very accommodating with every aspect of the install from start to finish ”