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CAMHS Nottingham

Client: Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)



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Project Particulars:

The £21m Hopewood development is part of the 5 year Strategy for the improvement of services for Children, young people and families in Nottinghamshire. A public consultation was held to consider the proposed new 4 Acre development, its design and the services it would offer.

Hopewood is home to a range of community CAMHS and perinatal services. Hopewood provides support for adolescents, pregnant women, and women with a baby up to one year old who are experiencing mental health difficulties.

There is a 40 bed specialist inpatient unit tor those whose mental health difficulties can no longer be managed in the community. With over twice as many beds than previously available, Hopewood means more young people and women can be treated locally, staying close to home.

Hopewood includes the first dedicated specialist eating disorders inpatient service and first psychiatric intensive care unit for young people in the East Midlands.

Hopewood is also home to a specialist Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) on site; additionally there is provision of outpatient services for children and young people using CAMHS, with an education centre for young people who are away from their own schools whilst at the unit.

Perinatal services are also scheduled to move from their current site at the Queen’s Medical Centre, to join the Hopewood campus, thus making the entire facility family friendly.

TIS designed the Fire Alarm System, IP CCTV, Intruder Alarm, Video/Audio Door Entry Systems, Access Control, Disabled Refuge, IRS, Induction Loops and Staff Attack System. Various considerations had to be made to ensure the safety of multiple user groups, including employees, members of the public, inpatients and outpatients across multiple buildings.

TIS designed the systems to run in sync on a separate infrastructure network to the rest of the site services. The site comprises 3 separate buildings, the bespoke infrastructure design allows for the complete control of all integrated systems on the network from one central PC and server room. TIS design incorporated preventative measures to ensure those within the Psychiatric Care Unit could not harm themselves or others through vandalism of the system.

Our bespoke service and maintenance package takes into consideration the need to maintain high security levels at all times on site. The safety of vulnerable and detained patients as well as the security of the new maternity unit has been considered. Site specific risk assessments have been produced to take into consideration the need for rigorous monitoring of service and maintenance equipment, as well as the personal safety of our employees and the risks involved. TIS produced a Personal Safety Risk assessment which details the risk of assaults, verbal abuse etc. TIS also introduced a bespoke safeguarding policy which reflects the nature of our contact with vulnerable user groups both at Hopewood and in the community in other capacities.

Working closely with the principal contractor and the Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, TIS identified key requirements for the service and maintenance of systems within the site once it had become fully operational. TIS ensure that all engineers on site wear photo identification at all times. TIS provide the vehicle details including make, model, registration and fleet management number in advance of attendance on site for every reactive call out and all pre-planned preventative maintenance visit.

TIS produced a carefully planned programme of works for the maintenance schedule to ensure that downtime was kept to a minimum at all times. TIS also support the client to ensure that first-time fix rates are high due to the security requirements of the site. TIS work carefully in partnership with the Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust to ensure that adequate parts are kept in stock at all time at our engineering base in Nottingham, which is less than 5 miles from Hopewood, allowing for emergency parts to be requisitioned by engineers while on site and delivered within 30 minutes of request.

TIS are careful not to cause disruption and to keep noise to a minimum at all times throughout the sites, particularly in high risk areas such as the Psychiatric Intensive Care unit and the Maternity Unit where premature and full-term babies are being cared for.

We are continuing to develop our strong relationship with the Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, not only at Hopewood, but also across other sites including the Queens Medical Centre, where we also offer bespoke design, installation, service and maintenance packages.