JCB Academy

JCB Academy


JCB Academy



Project Manager:

Shannon Bell

Systems Installed:

Fire Alarm and Access Control

Job Details:

TIS were instructed to install Fire Alarm and Access Control Systems.

The Challenge/Brief:

The JCB Academy is an innovative school for students aged 13-18 with an interest in engineering and business.

It was established in 2010 and is governed by a charitable trust, established by JCB.  The Academy is based in a carefully adapted and renovated mill, which (appropriately) was built by the famous industrial entrepreneur and engineer, Richard Arkwright, in the late 18th Century.

For such a busy thriving school the purpose of taking roll call and tracking students timekeeping is an essential part of academia, to ensure that students are accounted for and to guarantee they are attending and in a timely manner, thereby getting the best from their engineering and business education.  This is where our Paxton NET2 Access Control system comes in, each time a pupil fobs in and out of the school this is logged on a central computer, which can generate individual or group reports on access to the building, permitting staff to keep track of this.  The Fire Alarm installed, if triggered, can instantly produce a report that confirms which pupils, teachers, and administration staff are within the building thus enabling the Fire Marshalls and Fire Brigade to know who is in the building and in need of possible evacuation,  ensuring safety for all.

Project Manager Quotation:

“Working alongside Stuart Collier – Facilities Manager,  made the job run smoothly, with any access needed met with the utmost assistance and, as Stuart knew exactly what he wanted the system to achieve he made the commissioning straight forward.