Solihull Control Room Relocation

Solihull Control Room Relocation

Solihull Council and WMCA further contacted TIS to support them in the relocation of their Urban Traffic Control (UTC) Room and Public space CCTV Control Room, which locally monitors traffic lights and cameras, to the new centralised control room at WMCA Summer Lane. The new state of the art control room could easily handle the additional cameras and event monitoring.

TIS working with Solihull council carefully planned and programmed the transition from Solihull to WMCA Summer Lane. TIS PRINCE2 Project Managers, experts in carefully programming secure system migration, supported Solihull Council to determine the best option and how to make the move without lengthy system downtime causing potential service disruptions and security breaches.

TIS offered Solihull Council the support of a dedicated account manager and ensured that a strong working relationship was built through open and honest communication. Together TIS, WMCA and Solihull Council considered all options, and determined that precisely planned migration of service to WMCA Summer Lane was the most advantageous for all parties.

TIS supported Solihull Council to carefully consider the cost implications and supported them in utilising public money efficiently, in line with Government Budget restrictions. Relocating the Control room included consideration of the existing system monitoring 93 cameras across Solihull, and that this system needed to be fully operational at all times, including during a phased switch over process.

TIS carried out a full dilapidation survey and produced a report for WMCA and Solihull Council, highlighting that the Analogue Synectics Matrix had become obsolete and was in need of a complete overhaul. TIS supported the client to reduce budgetary implications through our strategic partnerships with local, national and international suppliers and manufacturers. The virtual matrix was replaced using Axis encoders, which linked back to recording on the Veracity Coldstore Solution at WMCA Summer Lane.

The main Solihull CCTV Control Room was decommissioned and the Urban Control Room was upgraded to view all the traffic areas – All images were then transmitted back to WMCA over a 300Mbps BT RS1000D circuit. The security implications of the upgrade were carefully considered and phased switch over was conducted, leaving the original system operational until the new links to WMCA Summer Lane had been operational for a few weeks. Operational Switchover period allowed for the precise commissioning of the new links to ensure that there were no system glitches or unexpected system downtime. To mitigate the impact of system failure, a 100Mbps redundancy link was also utilized for back up procedure.

WMCA and Solihull Council worked with TIS to programme the required upgrades for 11 cameras, up-revving them from Analogue to Hanwha Techwin Wisenet III fully functional IP HD 1080pdome cameras, which supported Solihull Council’s strategic plans to upgrade their CCTV systems to High Definition over a set period of time.

Once the upgrade had been completed and the UTC and Public Space upgrade had been successful, TIS were then instructed to connect all the Solihull cameras to the powerful I-Comply Control System within the WMCA Control Room. All recording is now carried out by two Veracity Coldstore units based within WMCA Summer Lane.

Health and Safety:

TIS worked closely with Solihull Council to determine the Health and Safety requirements surrounding the relocation of the main CCTV Control Room and the upgrade of the UTC. TIS worked closely with WMCA and Solihull Council to ensure that rigorous risk assessments and method statements were submitted, and ratified. TIS engineers ensured that contractor’s entrances were used all times and that methods of egress were kept clear.

TIS carefully considered the impact of working in high traffic zones and produced detailed risk assessments regarding the working in areas where moving vehicles would pose a danger to life. TIS also considered the risks associated with driving too and from the various locations which would be involved in the programme. TIS did not obstruct public routes of access, or vehicular zones, in addition TIS also ensured that all employees wore all required PPE and High Visibility PPE while working in high risk zones. For the safety of the public TIS displayed clear H&S signage in well-lit areas to highlight any risk to them, or restricted access, PPE requirements, and alternative routes of entry to set zones.

TIS worked carefully and methodically while on site, ensuring that no time was wasted and equally that no injury, slips trips and falls occurred. TIS maintained their outstanding record for Health and Safety on site for the duration of the works.


The CCTV Control Room move outlined above was scheduled to take place over the period of 3 consecutive years. TIS programmed and scheduled accordingly, and it was successfully completed within the required timescales.

Working closely with WMCA and Solihull Council, TIS supported the client to realise their vision for a harmonised CCTV Control Centre. Through our extensive links within the supply chain we were able to support the client with Project Pricing which afforded them a contingency sum where required, this was a key consideration when working in the public’s best interests and spending public funds in association with tight Government budgets.

TIS further added value to the contract through ongoing support of the clients, with service and maintenance during the warranty defects period and TIS produced a detailed set of Key Performance Indicators with WMCA to ensure that they would not be adversely impacted by unexpected downtime, or total systems failure. TIS proposed approved call out times and response times in line with Emergency, Urgent, Standard and Routine requests. TIS monitored and adjusted the resources required for the duration of the re-location phase of the project, and during the Warranty Defects period. Additional value was added to the project by TIS through the installation of remote review clients in the local police stations, thus reducing the need for police officers to travel great distances to collect evidence, or wait until WMCA Central Control Room had time to download and supply evidence. The review clients were networked to the central control centre and individual access rights were granted to ensure data integrity.

TIS carefully assessed the health and safety implications of the project, and ensured that detailed risk assessments and method statements were submitted and ratified. TIS worked in a careful manner, wearing the correct PPE at all times, providing clear notification for WMCA and council employees, members of the public, and third parties. TIS maintained their record for site safety and demonstrated that regardless of the scale of the project TIS are experts in the relocation and upgrade of Secure CCTV Control Rooms and all associated CCTV equipment in the field.