Stewart Court

Stewart Court


Housing and Care 21


Stewart Court, Axminster.

Project Manager:

Simon Ogden

Systems Installed:

Part 1  = Gent Vigilon panel with S4 detection.

Part 6 Aico Mains smoke, and heat detectors.

Job Details:

Supply install and commission of a new Fire detection and alarm system.

Supply, install and commission a Part 1 system within the landlords and communal areas.

Supply, install and commission a Part 6 system within the tenants flats.

Connect flats to the warden call system and install “ Hush” buttons to allow the tenant to silence the alarm system for a period of time. This allows clear communications between the tenant and the Warden call monitoring centre.

The Challenge/Brief:

The existing Part 1 Gent system installed throughout was in need of upgrading to a more up to date version.

The part 1 system also covered areas of the tenants flats and had given rise to increasing false alarms.

Install a part 1 system to the landlords areas only with detection within the hallway of each flat and a sounder within the bedroom of each flat to provide early evacuation in the event of a fire alarm activation.

Install a part 6 system to the residents flats, comprising of smoke detection to all living and bedroom areas with heat detection within the kitchen. The part 6 system to be connected to each tenants warden call intercom with interconnection via a “Hush” button to allow silencing of alarms and communication with the warden call monitoring staff.

Provide cause and effect programming within the part 1 system to evacuate individual tenants blocks should a fire alarm activation occur within that block only.

Project Manager Quotation:

TIS continue their relationship with Housing and Care 21 with a complete upgrade to the fire detection and alarm system throughout their Stewart Court complex in Axminster. The whole project required a quick turnaround with the installation taking under three weeks to complete. Prior to any work starting a residents consultation was provided to give a detailed account of the work to be undertaken and how this would be scheduled to provide minimum disruption for the tenants.

Client Quotation:

The team provided an excellent service when upgrading the fire system at Stewart Court. Residents made glowing comments on the standard of workmanship performed, how clean, tidy and courteous they were. They were all very respectful of the differing needs of residents and nothing was too much bother for them, to ensure that the job in each flat was completed with the residents well being in mind.

Julie-Ann Rose, Court Manager