Victoria Centre Flats, Nottingham

Victoria Centre Flats, Nottingham


Nottingham City Homes


Victoria Centre Flats, Nottingham

Job Details:

Upgrade of existing system to a complete IP Door Entry system

Project Manager:

Mark Wigginton


Systems Installed:

We installed a multicore single-mode fibre infrastructure to provide IP connectivity throughout the building. It was utilised for the new D/E system but has the scalability for future projects such as IP CCTV. The fibre cable provided links between each network switch located throughout the building to create a resilient 1GB backbone for the door entry equipment and future projects.

The Challenge/Brief:

The requirement was to install a new IP door entry system that could communicate both locally and remotely for concierge facility. The system needed to have inter flat calling capability and typical door entry features to communicate with all 12 entrance panels and release the doors/lifts for visitor access etc.

Project Manager Quotation:

“It has been a pleasure to work on this project, the installation of the new technology allows for the future proofing of the security of the building and its residents.”