Waterside Court

Waterside Court


East Midlands Homes


Waterside Court, Derby Road, Loughborough

Job Details:

Installation of Warden Call and DECT

Project Manager:

Richard Amatt


Systems Installed:

Warden Call and DECT

The Challenge/Brief:

Waterside Court is a 62 flat scheme in Loughborough.  The council is investing £1.56m in a joint scheme with East Midlands Housing.  TIS were chosen by East Midlands Housing to supply install and commission a Warden Call System for the use of residents in cases of emergency.

Project Manager Quotation:

“When I first became involved with this project, it was immediately apparent that people were working as a team. From plasterers to builders, electricians to plumbers everyone was working together to get to a common goal.

The Tynetec call system we have installed has fantastic audibility linked through a Spectralink DECT system with multiple handsets for staff. Utilising 169 MHz technology we can virtually pin point residents who activate their pendant when in need of assistance. 

All in all, it’s been a great job to work on, supplying the best technology for the client’s needs.”