West Midlands Combined Authority

West Midlands Combined Authority


West Midlands Combined Authority


West Midlands.  From Walsall in the north to Redditch in the south, Coventry in the east to Stourbridge in the West.

Job Details:

Upgrade of the existing communication structure to an IP platform, capable of handling new IP CCTV, Public Address and help point systems.  As an integral element of the communication infrastructure upgrade, we shall be installing over 200 managed network switches providing individual 1Gb backbones at each separate location.


The project includes the replacement of over 600 analogue CCTV cameras with High Definition IP cameras across a broad spectrum of types including IP static domes, fully functional IP dome cameras and internal vandal resistant variants.

In addition to the new network and CCTV camera upgrades, we shall be rolling out new IP replacement public address systems and emergency help points within the bus station concourse areas, park and ride car parks, railway and Metro stations.

Systems Installed:

IP CCTV cameras

IP Public Address

IP Help Points

Project Manager:

Morn Marwaha

The Challenge/Brief:

The systems to be upgraded extend across 3 main elements of the WMCA transportation network.  The installation works, which will be carried out over the next 12 months will embrace 8 major bus station terminals, 3 Metro sites and 44 railway stations together with several park and ride car parks.

All of these sites represent incredibly busy transportation hubs with the associated risks of working in close proximity to live rail tracks, overhead high voltage cabling, high volume vehicle movements in the bus terminals and in all cases, high passenger and pedestrian numbers.

WMCA represent an exacting client with demanding needs to maintain an uninterrupted integrated transportation system across the West Midlands.  TIS were chosen by WMCA to deliver their improvement strategy for security systems because of TIS’s proven track record of engineering excellence in executing similar works in challenging environments, and unrivalled health and safety record, both of which were a high priority for WMCA.

TIS have invested heavily in PTS (personal track safety) for not only their front line engineers but also the project management team achieving a level of safety training well in excess of that required as a minimum by WMCA.

Project Manager Quotation:

“We are delighted to have been awarded this contract which demonstrates by WMCA a vote of confidence in TIS’s ability to deliver this demanding project on time and within budget.  We have set the bar pretty high in the work that we have already completed for West Midlands Combined Authority and our project team are keen to meet this new challenge.”