Coronavirus Outbreak – Our Operation and Response
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Be COVID-19 Secure with TIS

At TIS we protect what matters.

And that sentiment has never been more prominent than now.

We will help you to protect the health of your people and the security of your property as we continue to live in this ‘new normal’.

All our staff are trained to be Covid Safe and as a business, we are considered Key Workers due to the essential nature of our work.

Whether we are visiting you before, during or after your normal business hours, our responsibility is to the safety of your people as well as our own.

If your Life Critical or Security system is due planned maintenance, reactive service, or any kind of installation works, rest assured you are doing the right thing calling TIS. Our multi skilled Engineers mean only one person will come to site – at a time that suits you.

For added peace of mind we are offering a free audit of your current systems to make sure they are fit for purpose now and for the future – whatever it holds.

The cost of doing nothing is simply too great.

Constantly pushing to provide integrated solutions that deliver security, safety, and stability, we’re here to support you in protecting what matters.

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Covid-19 Solutions

PA Systems

Advise people on procedures and measures when arriving at or travelling through buildings/areas.

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Flow and Control

Monitor and control flow of people without the need for personnel.

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Touch Free Access Control

Replace exit buttons, keypads and fingerprint scanners with touch free IR buttons and proximity readers. Other options to explore are face recognition, Bluetooth tokens, auto open doors and ANPR.

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Lockdown Systems

Automatically lock doors and access at the click of a button.

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Security Systems

Protect your property with temporary security systems.

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Delivering smart, integrated safety and security solutions
For over 70 years, we’ve been installing, managing and maintaining systems to make the complex simple.
Industry accredited and compliant
We understand the duty that comes with managing safety. You’re in safe hands, rest assured.
An extension to your operations
We work to help you to meet your requirements. One point of contact to manage your needs, so you can manage your business.

Let’s protect what matters, together.

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Get your workplace Covid-19 secure

Detect high body temperatures

Symptoms can be hard to spot but minimising risk is made much easier when you’re prepared. Thermal imaging cameras detect body temperature and fever to prevent potential outbreaks and protect others.

Thermal imaging products from TIS can help to:

  • Can be placed at entry points
  • Help manage transmission risk
  • Control access and entry
  • Multi-person measurement for efficient access
  • Accurate, safe, and effective
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Enhance access management

Crowd control is essential in maintaining social distancing guidelines. Improve queue management and people counting with flow control systems, designed to monitor the number of people in an area or building and limit potential spread.

Flow and control systems from TIS can help to:

  • Adhere to social distancing
  • Help manage transmission risk
  • Control access and entry
  • Limit numbers
  • Save on manual expense
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Improve communication

Keep your people and patrons updated and ensure they adhere to new regulations with automated PA reminders and multi-speech systems.

Comms systems from TIS can help to:

  • Regulation and rule reminders
  • Communicate key information
  • Effectively manage large groups
  • Can be automated for repetitive use
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Utilise touch free access

Reducing cross contamination helps prevent spread and minimises risk. Touch free access control enables you to resume business safely, ensuring the safety and security of your employees and visitors.

Touch free access control systems from TIS can help to:

  • Replace exit buttons with touch free points and proximity readers
  • Face recognition solutions available
  • Reduce cross contamination
  • Improve security
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Upgrade emergency protocol

Internal doors can be kept open to increase airflow and reduce cross contamination risk, but what happens in case of an emergency? TIS’ range of access control systems can be programmed to automatically shut at the click of a button, saving time and lives.

Lockdown systems from TIS can help to:

  • Manage transmission risk
  • Reduce security hazards
  • Adhere to social distancing
  • Manage people flow safely
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Protect your property

Some firms may be back in the workplace, but others are continuing to work from home, leaving buildings empty and susceptible. TIS can install temporary security systems to help protect your people and property.

Security systems from TIS can help to:

  • Protect business and premises
  • Technology can replace security personnel
  • Keep buildings safe and risk free
  • Avoid losing anything else to the virus
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Our accreditations

Working with us…

“I would like to thank you for all your hard work and dedication over the last 12 months.
The TIS engineers and sub-contractors face on-site challenges daily and manage to do it in good humour.”
Nottingham City Homes

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