Disabled Refuge

Our responsibilities to you
Maintenance of Disabled Refuge System


As per BS 5839-9:2011, The Code of practice for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of emergency voice communication systems and BS 6259:2015 The Code of practice for the design planning, installation, testing and maintenance of sound systems the following inspection and test of the system will be carried out:

  • The system logbook will be examined to check that any faults recorded have received appropriate attention. Repeated system faults to be identified and reported to client.
  • a visual inspection will be made to check whether structural or occupancy changes have affected the system.
  • Each outstation will be operated to check that the outstation is functioning and that speech is clear and intelligible. A visual inspection should be made to check that all outstations remain unobstructed and conspicuous.
  • Batteries and their connections will be examined and load tested, to ensure that they are in good serviceable condition and not likely to fail before the next service visit.
  • The functions of the master station(s) will be checked.
  • All controls and visual indicators at the master station(s) will be checked for correct operation.
  • Where provided, all optional functions of the master station(s) and outstations will be tested.
  • All fault indicators will be checked, where practicable, by simulation of fault conditions.
  • All further checks and tests recommended by the manufacturer of the EVC system will be carried out.
  • On completion of the work, any outstanding defects will be reported to the responsible person and a certificate of servicing issued to the user.
  • The signal strength of wireless links (where applicable) will be checked to ensure they continue to exceed the minimum acceptable levels.
  • A Comprehensive report (including asset list, detailing system status and any recommendations) will be provided.