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Disabled Toilet

Servicing is in accordance with BS 8300 and the Building Regulations Part M.  Total Integrated Solutions will carry out the following to ensure system compliance is maintained:


System reviews to ensure it meets the clients requirements

Review of system log book and documentation.

Repeated system faults to be identified and reported to client.


Inspection of System Components

Each pull cord inspected and not tied up (if applicable)

Remote indicators and sounders in correct location (if applicable)

Local reset switch accessible (if applicable)


System Functional Test of Control Panel

Each pull cord/call point tested for correct operation (if applicable)

Remote indicators visible and sounders audibility (if applicable)

Local reset switch functions correctly and cancels call (if applicable)

Mains power tested and inspected including neon indicator.

Back up batteries tested and inspected. (if applicable)

Master display or indication LED’s inspected. (if applicable)

Master control buttons & key switches tested and inspected. (if applicable)


Power Supplies and Emergency Back Up Systems

Power supply units checked for operation following supply failure.

Back up batteries tested and inspected.

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