Our Defence Products

Rice Communications

TIS is one of the few companies nationwide offering RICE Communications systems for MoD applications.

The Rationalised Internal Communication System (RICE) provides a ship’s internal communications network for point-to-point (Interphone), point to multipoint, open line and Intercom operations, as well as providing interfaces with the ship’s telephone exchange and radio systems.

As experts in the field, TIS is fully equipped to devise, install and train on RICE and RICE 2 Systems.

RICE 2 units are fully programmable to suit the required application and position within the ship, and come in various designs including basic speech operation to sophisticated Torpedo Warning Devices.


TIS are experts in providing communication systems for military applications for:

– Digital Communications
– RICE Communications
– Satellite Communications
– Main Broadcast
– PA Systems
– Audio Visual

Television and SRE distribution systems form a very important part in the morale of crew members on long deployment. In response to this, the latest range of distribution equipment manufactured by TIS is of a modular design to meet the ever-demanding system specifications.

TIS Design and install systems with a range of facilities, including:

– Push Button aerial selection
– System output monitoring
– Thumbwheel matrix audio/visual selection
– Full studio monitoring
– Camera operator communications network
– DVD recorders playback/record
– Worldwide multi-standard television reception
– Modulated distribution channels
– AGC controlled Off-Air reception
– Distribution muting
– Specialists in Television Distribution Systems for over thirty years, TIS can offer a complete service from planning and supply to commissioning, maintenance and training.

Renowned customers include the Royal Navy, the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, the Indian Navy, the Australian Navy, North Sea Oil & Gas Platforms and Yorkshire Television to name but a few.

Our highly trained application and design Engineers are always at hand for product information, application design and system support.

CCTV Systems

TIS have been attending site visits providing technical help, equipment surveys, installation and set to work commissions for over 40 years across all platforms of CCTV requirements.

Experience gained from the Navy and other agencies led to the evolution of the sophisticated and rugged installations, which now unobtrusively and reliably provide observation in many locations throughout the UK.

The performance requirements stipulated for marine and military installations ensure that our technicians work to the highest engineering standards, providing reliable, robust and user friendly surveillance systems, whether it is ATEX rated for military requirements or commercial ships, TIS have an application to suit.

Our most common CCTV systems include fixed or Pan & Tilt applications for HM, RFA, and commercial ships:

– Flight Deck CCTV
– Machinery Space (MCR) CCTV
– Bridge Wing CCTV
– Bow Doors CCTV
– Audio Distribution

For over 35 years, TIS has been involved in the audio distribution, providing a complete service, from planning and supplying sound reproduction equipment to commissioning, maintenance and training.

Today we are capable of offering comprehensive, professional PA and audio systems which can fulfill the most exacting requirements in an exceptionally wide range of applications, no matter how difficult the acoustic conditions.

At TIS, we don’t just rely on our technical experience. We also make use of the knowledge gained through working in close cooperation with our customers at every stage of an application.

TIS design and integrate SRE systems with a wide range of facilities, including:

– DAB, AM FM SW LW Radio receivers
– Compact Disc player
– Compact Cassette player
– Linear Record deck
– Output channel selector
– Mixer
– Power amplifiers
– PA priority override
– i-Pod docking facility
– Systems manufactured by TIS can be found around the world in some of the most demanding environments.

Renowned customers include the Royal Navy, the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, Gas & Oil Platforms, Kodak and Pedigree pet foods to name but a few.

No matter how big or small the project, no matter how simple or complex, the equipment and expertise that customers demand is always at hand.

PABX Telephony

TIS maintain the Digital PABX (Digital Private Automatic Branch Exchange) capability currently in place on RN Ships, Submarines and Royal Fleet Auxiliary.

Modern PABX’s are built around a small computer, and some of them can be connected to a server for additional services such as call management, call-detail reports, conference calls, all linked to your e-mail.

For years, TIS have been market leaders in installing and commissioning telephone systems at a multitude of levels. From large networks to smaller requirements, TIS provide systems using DDI technology and DECT handsets.

Using a PC (rack mountable), IP phones and regular handsets can be connected to the network and linked to your PC, enabling you to manage incoming and outgoing calls more efficiently.

Satellite Communications

As one of the most experienced television distribution companies in the UK, TIS has a wealth of practical experience in all areas and types of installation.

From rugged marine conditions in the Antarctic to sheltered housing in the Cotswolds, our installations are effective, discrete and reliable.

In the entertainment business, TIS is a major supplier to the licensed and hotel trade.

For Education Authorities, we provide complete systems and specialist equipment for Schools, Colleges and Universities throughout the country.

Our experience in analogue and digital television systems is unequalled.

TIS have provided Satellite Communications Systems to:

– Schools
– Universities
– Community Housing
– High Rise
– Sheltered Accommodation
– Homes for the Elderly
– Secure Environments
– Licensed Premises
– Clubs & Leisure Facilities
– Hotels
– Marine
– Harsh Climate Land Bases

An Internet Protocol TV system offers a complete multi-channel video line-up as well as on-demand programming. IPTV technology promises to make more content available because of the limitless nature of the switched digital video architecture.

The extensible user environment of IPTV increases the interactive nature of television and will allow applications to be run over multiple end-user devices, or over a single service delivery network. IPTV also capitalises on the two-way nature of the IP network, enabling unprecedented interaction among subscribers, content providers and service providers.

With a robust service delivery network, the integration and management of new services becomes simpler, reducing time to market and the cost of launching that new service. This provides marketing opportunities to use new applications to gain or keep market share and generate added revenue.

Since IPTV is enabled by the availability of network technology, the network used to deploy IPTV is important. The IP based platform offers significant advantages; including the ability to integrate television with other IP based services with high-speed internet access and VOIP.

A switched IP network also allows for the delivery of significantly more content and functionality. In a typical TV or satellite network, using broadcast video technology, all the content constantly flows downstream to each customer and the customer switches the content at the set-top box. The customer can select from as many choices as the cable or satellite company can stuff into the pipe flowing into the home.

A switched IP network works differently. Content remains in the network, and only the content the customer selects is sent into the customer’s room. That frees up the bandwidth and the customer’s choice is not limited by the size of the pipe into the home.

Digital Communications

For years, TIS have been market leaders in installing telephone systems at a multitude of levels. From large networks to smaller requirements, TIS provide systems using DDI technology and DECT handsets.

We also provide the very latest Wave telephone technology.

Using a PC in a rack, IP phones and regular handsets can be connected to the network and linked to your PC, enabling you to manage incoming and outgoing calls more efficiently.

Experts in telephony, TIS install this technology to enable you to monitor call length, integrate calls with your email system and conference call in the most efficient and straight forward manner.

Main broadcast

Offered in 19” rack mount or Military Enclosures for remote applications, the systems are designed to provide innovative solutions to a ship wide system of voice communications by means of loudspeakers.

The systems have a combined SRE facility utilising a radio receiver and compact audio device to produce audio entertainment.

Specific designs are tailored to provide General Broadcast, Section Broadcast and Alarm Broadcast including General, Muster and Fire Alarms.

PA Systems

We are a leading installer of public address and sound reinforcement systems used within industrial, commercial, military, entertainment and sporting venues. The complexity and the requirement to comply with emergency and safety legislation require the specialist expertise, which TIS has built over decades of designing, developing and installing audio equipment.

TIS manufacture and install equipment and systems ranging from simple basic information distribution, to professional theatre and public entertainment sound reinforcement.

Our marine broadcast and entertainment systems must work in all climatic conditions, in installations which necessitate the most rigorous standards of reliability and build quality. This breadth of experience throughout the world ensures that even the smallest venue is serviced with the very highest standards of technical expertise and equipment.

TIS have fitted Public Address Systems in numerous locations, including:

– Industrial
– Entertainment
– Sporting
– Emergency Evacuation
– Marine
– Lever Key Switches

The small rugged lever switch accommodates a maximum of 24 card operated twin-contact springs. The keys are designed for close pitch panel mounting and are available in a choice of electrical designs.

The blades are mounted in combs and housed on a single or double frame, depending on the quantity of contact switching operations required. Combinations of locking, non locking and stop functions are available with a positive toggle action.

For our Lever Key Switch price list for this year, please click here.