There are many facets to modern policing; public order, community liaison, domestic violence, and crime prevention to name but a few – TIS work in partnership with constabularies around the country to provide cutting-edge security and communications systems to meet the demands of the modern police force.

With only 307 police officers per 100,000 people, the UK has one of the smallest numbers of officers per head of population in the developed world – As such smart technologies and mobile communications play an increasingly large part in effective policing.

Whatever your requirements; from CCTV to Affray Alarm or VIPER to Cell Call – Our systems are currently installed across an extensive range of police assets including custody suites, vulnerable person refuges, police vehicles, armouries and interview rooms.

Decades of experience gained from a diverse range of contracts working in partnership with the police have provided TIS with a knowledge that is second to none when it comes to designing and installing bespoke systems to help increase productivity whilst improving security and auditability.

TIS specialise in many systems specific to police forces:

– VIPER Suite
– NEAL Recording
– Cell Call
– Affray Alarm
– Custody Suite Recording Systems
– Crowd Monitoring
– Face Detection
– Mobile CCTV
– Biometrics

Many police forces are currently looking at ways to reduce operating overheads by sharing resources and combining systems – As experts in system convergence, TIS are your ideal partner choice.