Retirement & Residential Care

With 10 million people over the age of 65 currently living in the UK and this number expected to increase by five million in the next 20 years, ensuring the safety and security of the elderly is of paramount importance.

Retirement and residential care homes often house large volumes of people with varying care requirements. In addition, the buildings themselves often have complicated layouts which make the provision of reliable and effective fire and security systems vital.

Residential Care and Assisted Living

426,000 people in the UK are housed across some 12,525 residential homes. At TIS, we recognise the importance of high quality security and life safety systems and through our decades of experience are at the forefront of this growing and ever-changing market.

We are perfectly positioned to assist clients requiring either single systems or whole building converged technology infrastructures.

Retirement Villages

We are experts within the retirement sector and have worked for many of the sector’s leading providers, which enables us to understand the needs of modern and future retirement villages.

We acknowledge the growing retirement village population and the increasing number of younger residents who require modern technology at their fingertips and thanks to our innovative integrated village infrastructure, we can provide this whilst at the same time enabling staff to stay in contact with the multitude of building systems wherever they are within the village.