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Service and Maintenance

Pre-Planned Maintenance Programme

  • Working closely in partnership with you, we will schedule your routine preventative maintenance work to take place during normal working hours (08:00 – 17:00 Monday – Friday). Alternatively, our team will work with you and arrange your routine works to be completed at a time to suit you. We will communicate regularly with you to plan our multi skilled engineers to maintain all your systems if required, ensuring that our works cause minimal disruption to your day to day activities. We understand your requirements and keep safety, communication, positivity, and integrity in all we do, so your systems remain safe and reliable.
  • Working in partnership with you, our Maintenance Coordinator will provide a pre-planned preventative maintenance schedule. Dates for our visit will be agreed with you based around your operational activities. A pre work assessment form will be completed prior to the visit and a pre-planned preventative maintenance report for each asset will be supplied to you in a timely and efficient manner.
  • All works carried out during our pre-planned preventative maintenance visits are recorded (including test results) on a Preventative Maintenance Record and inputted within our service management system (Tesseract) which is backed up to our servers on a daily basis. Tesseract generates planned maintenance reports after each visit, and these are added into your site records. The report can be automatically emailed to an authorised email address if required. This allows accurate reporting to enhance future support for your systems which is always available to you.
  • We support you by providing service reports at quarterly contract meetings or more frequently if required in your onsite O&M manuals. We will also ensure that records relating to the equipment assets (asset tracking) on site are issued to you and allow you to update your records.

Included in the maintenance visits

  • Your systems will be maintained by our suitably qualified engineers in line with current standards. Any rectifications which are practical at the time, shall be carried out subject to availability of parts and your authorisation. Any defects effecting the operation or potential hazards of the system which are found during preventative maintenance to be the potential causes of reduced operation or security, shall be identified to you, and recommended on the maintenance record.
  • A system record will have been generated at installation and will include previous information from the system design specification. This shall be kept up to date by TIS and shall be made available to the maintenance technician for each maintenance visit.
  • There shall be a record of any temporary disconnection of the system or of any component part(s) of it. This shall identify which part(s) of the system and the associated equipment is not operable. The reason for the disconnection, the date and time of disconnection and of subsequent reconnection shall be given. A signed authorisation for each disconnection shall be obtained from the client or their representative.

Service Stock Control

  • To meet your service demands we have dedicated service stock control measures in place. Our procurement team secure the best pricing and support from our 584 approved supplier partners.
  • Stock is distributed across the whole of the United Kingdom directly to TIS sites, the customer, or engineers. Meaning your systems are continually supported and, in most cases, resources deployed to your service call immediately equipped with the necessary parts.
  • When additional or bespoke parts are required the engineer has the facility to order parts from site and use our click and collect service. If the parts are on a longer lead time, our service delivery team will keep you updated on progress and book your return visit as soon as possible.
  • If your system is not repaired immediately, we may have stock of a loan unit you can use while your parts are on order.
  • Working closely with our manufacturing partners and supply chain we manage to obtain the very best lead times and pricing to support your service requirements.

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