Warranty periods are an essential part of the solution that we provide to our clients. We see the warranty period very much as an integral part of the installation and not just after care. We want our clients to feel very comfortable with their choice of solution provider, and knowing that the period after installation is covered by a comprehensive service and support arrangement, is critical to their requirements and therefore is to TIS as well.

Should the project require it TIS can facilitate a warranty period post installation. This period is typically 12 months and offers the client the peace of mind that should anything go wrong with the manufacturers equipment then we will ensure that it is either repaired or replaced. Not only will we despatch an Engineer on a timely basis but we will also manage the equipment replacement.

Following the 12 month warranty period TIS also pride themselves in offering quality Service & Maintenance contracts which are tailored to encompass any specific client requirements. The contracts can offer both engineering cover during normal working hours as well as various other options including 365 days a year, 24 hours a day if required.

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