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Servicing of UPS Systems

Servicing of UPS Systems – Our responsibilities to you

Total Integrated Solutions will service your UPS System by following the steps below to ensure that battery life is maximised.

Maintenance Steps

  1. Voltage and Current Rating will be checked to confirm with original design and data sheets.
  2. Check the Location and Orientation of UPS to design and drawing.
  3. A visual inspection will be carried out for damaged or missing part (conducting visual inspections for wear and deterioration of battery and insulation components).
  4. Check that the equipment installed is as per specification and drawings.
  5. Check all cable sizes and numbering.
  6. Check panels are labelled and installed as per design.
  7. Check batteries and chargers.
  8. Visual check of damage to batteries and chargers.
  9. Verify and record correct inter. Battery connections and size.
  10. Performance test – complete test certificate.
  11. Check glanding, lugging and terminal numbers are correct.
  12. Check earthing.
  13. Any deviations or changes to be recorded on the As Built and documented.
  14. Test any other electrical system components, such as transfer switches, circuit breakers and maintenance bypasses.
  15. Clean and vacuum the enclosure.
  16. Monitor the enclosures temperature and check humidity, please document your readings.
  17. Test Battery Voltage
  18. Test Run w or w/c load
  19. Simulate and record findings of a power cut.
  20. Record any comments.

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