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Servicing of Warden Call Systems

Servicing of Warden Call Systems – Our responsibilities to you

Although there are no current British Standards or accreditations associated with Warden Call, Total Integrated Solutions Ltd will still carry out maintenance of these systems to the highest standard possible.

Your Maintenance Service will be carried out by competent engineers in this field and maintenance will comprise of:

System logbooks will be checked along with any associated documentation to ensure comprehensive records are being kept and to flag up any repeated system faults or activations.

Speech/call units will be tested for correct operation along with pull cords and extension leads.  A sample test to the external control station will be carried out to ensure audibility and the Control Panel will have an operational and visual check.

Where applicable the following will also be tested :

System Printer

Door Panel operation

Enquiry Panel operation

Key Safe

To ensure the continuation of the system in a power failure the Power Supply Units will be checked along with the back up batteries.  If required the signalling equipment to the relevant monitoring station will be tested.

If DECT handsets are used there will be a system test of handset coverage and a check for wear and tear.

On completion of each inspection a comprehensive report will be forwarded detailing the system status and any recommendations.

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