At TIS we pride ourselves on offering a very comprehensive range of options when it comes to service and maintenance contracts.

We can offer all inclusive contracts so you know your costs are fixed for the period of the contract, purely reactive contracts which mean you only pay for our services when you use us, or a mixture of both.

Some of our clients just want the labour element as all inclusive in the contract and others just want certain equipment including. We do not have a rigid commercial offering when it comes to Service and Maintenance, and therefore our clients can get exactly what they want from us.

Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) can be varied to suit our customers very easily which makes TIS a very attractive proposition. We understand the importance of rapid response times, especially when the systems are life critical.

We therefore ensure we have appropriate resource levels to meet our SLA’s. Our rates are very competitive and a wide range of payment structures are available to meet our clients’ needs.

As systems integrators, TIS is also able to maintain and service third party equipment, providing a single source for all requirements.