Audio Systems

TIS can offer Audio Amplification and Public Announcement (PA)/ Audio Systems including Integrated Induction Loop and Sound Systems, ranging from relatively easy Desk Mount Induction Loops, to complex PAVA voice announcement systems.

With a history of over 60 years of providing innovative yet high quality solutions TIS have developed a diverse portfolio of products to meet the needs of the AV, PA, CCTV, Communications and OEM Electronics Sectors.

TIS is also one of only a few companies in the UK offering Public Address Voice Announcement (PAVA) Systems.  Rather than having a bell or siren fire alarm sound, PAVA systems sound a human voice, giving instructions on where to vacate the premises in a Fire Detection situation.

Following Fire Detection, automated messages control the flow of people in a building to ensure an orderly evacuation without panic. This positive confirmation from systems such as PAVA, speeds up the evacuation process and avoids ‘false alarm’ mentality, reducing the risk of death or significant injury.

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