Great Britain leads the world in the use of CCTV, and through experience gained within the Public, Education and Military sectors, TIS is at the forefront of this technology and is proud to be a leading force in CCTV systems in the UK.

The use of CCTV Observation Systems to deter criminal activity is widely recognised, as being an economical and effective addition to standard security provisions. In conjunction with advanced video analytics such as; Face Detection, Object Tracking and Number Plate Recognition, along with deep integration to other systems, efficiency is further improved and operational expenditure reduced.

From small scale, Commercial premises to multi-million pound Police and City Centre projects such as Nottingham, TIS systems are installed in some of the most criminally active areas in the country, where their effectiveness in detecting and deterring crime is well proven.

Working to the stringent requirements of the National Security Inspectorate (NSI), UK Police Forces and International Defence Organisations, TIS has a wealth of experience which it brings to each installation. This experience which ensures that the systems are reliable and operate effectively from the very start which has led to the evolution of the sophisticated and rugged installations, that now unobtrusively and reliably provide observation in many locations throughout the UK and beyond.

Extensive systems have also been developed to meet harsh conditions in Marine and Antarctic environments and this experience is behind all our equipment and design.

The performance requirements stipulated for Marine and Military Installations, ensure that our Technicians work to the highest engineering standards, exceeding those normally required, and thereby guaranteeing a long and trouble free life for each system.

TIS specialises in Advanced Integration to other systems such as; Fire Alarm, Warden Call, Door Entry and Access Control Systems. This integration, along with monitoring via remote connection and mobile devices, provides our Clients with increased security and allows Security Staff the flexibility to carry out other duties, whilst still connected to the CCTV system, thus reducing man-power requirements.

TIS has designed and installed CCTV systems for application in:

MoD – Navy
City Centres
Industrial Premises
Shopping Centres
Sheltered Accommodation
Retirement Villages
Sports Grounds
Theme Parks
And many more…
One of TIS’s primary considerations when creating a design is a reduction in Carbon Footprint by the utilisation of smart design and energy efficient devices. This coupled with a transition towards infrastructure manufactured from sustainable materials, such as Fibre Optic cabling, moves away from traditional copper cabling. This has the side benefit of reducing Operational Expenditure and total cost of ownership.

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