Convergent Technology

Convergence is the bringing together of autonomous systems onto a common communication platform to create a single unified solution. Put simply; traditionally seperate systems can now sit on a single infrastructure and talk to each other.converged technology

The design of these converged systems requires specialist skills that very few companies, let alone security companies, possess. But with decades of experience within the industry TIS have that knowledge and ability. This was ably demonstrated last year when we won the highly coveted ‘Combined Security and Fire Solution of the Year’ award at the Security and Fire Excellence awards in London.

When designed correctly a converged technology system is not only cost effective, it also provides unrivalled scope for labour saving; all systems talk to each other and the outside world, and can be monitored and administered remotely, even by smart phone – This unshackles staff from their desks and allows them to carry out multiple tasks simultaneously.

A great deal of previously labour intensive operations can be done automatically by the integrated systems themselves by means of logic controlled cause and effect programming, database sharing, self learning, and even artificial intelligence – The upshot of which is reduced labour and operational costs, and increased efficiency and productivity.

converged technology 2

Along with the growth of the internet and the exponential rise in network connected devices, there has been a sea change in how people see and access technology. They want to access technology with hand held devices. This has driven how security systems are now designed, installed and operated, and we (TIS) are at the forefront of these technological advances.

What enables all of the above functionality to work is the building’s core infrastructure, and that’s where TIS’ Convergent Technology offering comes in. With bespoke infrastructure and integration specifically designed by industry experts for flexibility, integration, and resilience, you have the comfort that whatever future functionality or usage changes are required, the building will be able to adapt and accommodate them.


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