Intruder Detection

An expert in the installation of intruder alarms since 1988, TIS offer a  wide variety of systems ideal for commercial, large domestic and public sector properties.

TIS is NSI Gold accredited and install systems to comply with insurance company requirements as well as for police response.

Our systems include audible (bells only) and remote signalled systems via single and dual path routes utilising telephone, I.P and GSM methods.

Designing systems and undertaking installations which are graded to the risk of theft and in accordance with EN50131, BS8243:2010, PD662:2010 and the Police ACPO policies where relevant, TIS  create a full detailed specification at the design stage, along with a certificate of compliance and Police Unique Reference Number (URN for systems that require Police response) upon completion of the installation.

All of our remote signalling systems are monitored 24hrs a day 365 days a year by an independent Alarm Receiving Centre based in Nottingham who pass all signals to the appointed keyholder’s, Police and Fire Service as applicable.

The TIS intruder detection system comprises of detectors, control equipment and communications devices.

Intruder Detection

Our systems identify and react to specific occurrences including movement, shock, vibration, smoke, heat, and flood.

TIS specialise in the supply and installation of a variety of detectors,  which are suitable for different environments and offering alternate means of detection.

These include:

– Passive infrared sensors (PIRs) detect people moving using infrared heat sensing,

– Dual Technology sensors use combined infrared and microwave sensing technologies to help

reduce false alarms,

– Magnetic door contacts detect the opening and closing of doors and windows,

– Glass break sensors listen for the specific noise of breaking glass,

– Shock sensors detect attacks on doors and windows,

– Smoke sensors can be connected to the intruder alarm system to detect fire

Control Equipment

This is a major part of any system and is available in sizes and complexity to suit the installation. Panels can range from having 8 zones with onboard keypad to scaleable systems with multiple keypads and sub setting groups.

Communications Devices

These are designed to give an alert or provide a message if the intruder alarm activates.

These Include,

– Audible Warning Devices (AWD) provide a local internal or external indication of alarm activation.

– Remote Signalling Devices provide a signal to off-site contacts via Alarm Receiving Centres or direct

to pre-programmed telephone numbers via speech diallers (recorded message) or SMS text messaging.

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