Testimonial 14

A few years ago both myself and Boots were encountering a few issues with TIS and things weren’t that great. Since then a few changes have been introduced by TIS, one of the major changes in my eyes was moving Service to Nottingham and having a new office. Can I just say things have got much better from a service point of view and me being able to talk to them on what I feel is a more customer focused experience, which is great now.

Can I also just give you feedback on your staff that I have had the pleasure of working with. We have just had a CCTV site upgrade at Boots and can I say what an excellent job the engineers have done. They are polite, courteous, smart, hardworking and nothing was too much trouble, even when I wanted a few things changing around.

Mark Wigginton

He’s done a great job managing the whole upgrade, always available on the phone when I needed him and made time to come and see me every day to make sure things were running smoothly.

The engineers who did all the hard work on the ground:

Scott Morris

Great guy who knew exactly what he was doing, he ran the show from engineering point of view, nothing fazed him and any issues I had he sorted with great professionalism and never complained.

Terry Unwin, Daniel Roberts , Dean Wheeler

Again great guys, hard working and polite.

Laura Smith

Spoke to Laura at the Nottingham office many times with issues I had or parts I needed urgently, she was always happy to help even when I probably got on her nerves as I kept pushing for things.

Nathan Shipman

I have Known Nathan since he first started with TIS, again another engineer always happy to help, even if he didn’t have the answers he would go out his way to try and help me.

Nick Hollins

My rock at TIS, any issues, complaints, advice, general moans or someone to shout at when I get frustrated. He always listens and sorts them out if no one else can, really is a top guy.

All the guys I have mentioned are real credit to TIS and a pleasure to work with, there are other TIS engineers I have met that also shown great attitude.

Well done for a great CCTV upgrade to all involved.