Testimonial 6

I’d like to add my thanks and continued appreciation for the fantastic works that are being achieved by your team, here at the University of Leeds. The consistency, continuity and dedication demonstrated by the team, including the challenges of the day to day ‘calls for service’, Capital Works Project, Customer Service/expectations and simply going that extra mile are ever omnipresent. Thank you to the TIS Crew here at Leeds, (Eugene, Martin, Dion, Chris, and supporting teams from TIS HQ) for the same.

Moving forward, I have absolutely no doubt that the already well established partnership work between TIS and the University of Leeds will continue to increase exponentially, with a particular collective steer on ‘IP HIK Technology and our longer term approach/aspirations for a sustainable platform for our Main Campus CCTV system and potential future integration of the wider number of satellite faculty based CCTV systems therein.