Warden Call

Our responsibilities to you

Servicing of Warden Call Systems

Warden Call / Social Alarm Systems are critical life safety systems for both the comfort and safety of frail & ageing clients.  Total Integrated Solutions Ltd will carry out maintenance of these systems to the highest standard possible utilising our team of competent Service & Maintenance engineers in this field.

Recommended testing by the user

Although modern day warden call / social alarm systems self-monitor we would recommend that daily/weekly checks are carried out to ensure the stability of the system is maintained.  This would comprise of placing a call to several units to ensure the units connect and audibility in both directions is acceptable.

If the system is monitored by an ARC we would also recommend that this connection is tested to ensure the signal paths are working correctly and that the ARC is able to accept calls with good quality audio, again in both directions.

Any visual indicators should be checked to ensure the system power is live and any faults reported as a matter of urgency to maintain system reliability.

Inspection and Servicing by Total Integrated Solutions Ltd

During our routine maintenance inspections our competent engineers will carry out, as a minimum, the following:

  • System logbooks will be checked along with any associated documentation to ensure comprehensive records are being kept and to flag up any repeated system faults or activations.
  • Speech/call units will be tested for correct operation along with pull cords and extension leads. A sample test to the external control station will be carried out to ensure audibility and the Control Panel will have an operational and visual check.

Where applicable the following will also be tested:

  • System Printer – tested for correct operation and to determine that the print quality is satisfactory
  • Door Panel operation along with associated electronic lock release
  • Managers Enquiry Panel tested for correct operation along with any associated remote release
  • Key Safe Operation both on & offsite
  • Pendant Coverage
  • DECT Coverage along with handset wear & tear inspection.
  • Incoming triggers from Fire Alarm etc.
  • Check IP configuration, if present
  • Check incoming telephone lines for correct operation
  • A random cable condition inspection will be carried out to ensure cabling is not damaged
  • Telecare devices work as specified and place call as required
  • To ensure correct system operation the voltages will be checked at the furthest points to ensure cable resistance isn’t affecting the voltage to a level below minimum. The Power Supply Units will be checked along with any backup batteries.  If required, the signalling equipment to the relevant monitoring station will be tested along with reporting the relevant ‘Mains Failure’ fault code.
  • If the system is connected to an ARC the system will be placed in offsite mode and calls placed to the operator to ensure call levels, site ID and unit ID are correct.

On completion of each inspection a comprehensive report will be forwarded detailing the system status and any recommendations.